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photographer & director

 Thanks to Nick Henry Soland

Thanks to Nick Henry Soland



Lukas Schweizer was born in 1994 in Zurich, Switzerland and then grew up in Schaffhausen. Always interested in photography, it was during his apprenticeship in the IT business where he found his true love and passion.

In the recent past, he has worked for several well-known magazines, brands and celebrities in the fields of portrait and advertising photography.
Lukas currently follows his editorial and advertising work all around the world and works on some personal projects.


We worked with

Anatole Taubman, Andrea Zogg, Bänz Friedli, Chris von Rohr, Dario Cologna, Dieter Maier, Freddy Scherer, Gabriel Spahni, Giulia Steingruber, Gotthard, Hena Habegger, Iwan Deplazes, Kadebostany, Leo Leoni, Marc Bürki, Marc Lynn, Marcel Stalder, Nic Mäder, Nino Schurter, Noah Veraguth, Olivier Burger, Patrick Rohr, Pegasus, Reto Gurtner, Reto Mathis, Rob Spence, Sina Candrian, Stefan Brønner, Stefan Gubser, Tadao Ando, Thom Mayne, Thomas Gottstein and more...